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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

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Why you should never book a room with an
on line travel agent (OTA)

• The Best price claims are simply and you will pay more. Most Hotels simply add The commission that the OTAs charge them to their room rates.That can be as much as 20%.
• The hotels at the top of the listings they serve up are not the best. They are the ones that pay them the most commission.
• You will be contributing to the $2Billion yes 2 Billion that they pay to Google Adwords to suppress the real websites of the small hotels and redirect enquiries to their own websites. They do this by hijacking the small hoteliers businesses names in Google searches. You have to scroll down through many pages of search results to find the genuine websites and the real room prices.
• Take the time to wade past the front page of the search results to find the real hotels and talk to them directly.
• BOOK SMART – Save yourself some money and BOOK DIRECT and help to save the small guys who make travel in the UK so diverse
• View this video and share it with your friends
Governments are now taking an interest in the activities of the OTAs but changing legislation is a slow business and the changes cant come soon enough for many B & Bs and guesthouses. Germany and France have made great progress but alas the UK has not.
Follow this link to be one of the 10000 to sign the petition we have launched to force a parliamentary debate and outlaw these greedy guys.
Click this link to sign the petition:

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