Attractions in and around Richmond

Discover all the things to do and attractions nearby, during your stay at the Old Brewery in Richmond, Yorkshire.

Richmond Market


Markets are held throughout the year both indoors in the Market Hall and outside in the in the cobled Market Place. Markets and Fairs have always been of vital importance to the economy of the Town.

The Saturday Market is held at the top of the Market Place around the Obelisk. This market is popular with both visitors and locals alike.

A huge variety of foodstuffs and goods are available and include fresh fish, meat, cheese, fruit and vegetables, flowers etc.

The Market Hall is open seven days a week and hosts a daily market with a very varied selection of goods. Town Markets A Farmers Market - is held every 3rd Saturday of the Month in the Market Place.

Markets were initially held to help broaden access to a wider variety of goods than were currently available under the Merchant Guilds which were based in towns and cities. They provided an outlet for local producers to sell on their goods and produce – the first ever “retail outlets”.

They continue to flourish and form an integral part of the town’s economy.

Georgian Theatre


The Georgian Theatre Royal, Britain's oldest working theatre in its original form, is both a thriving community playhouse and a living theatre museum.

From 2002 a second extensive restoration was undertaken and the theatre reopened in September 2003 after this 1.6 million upgrade. The Georgian plays an important role as a focus for economic regeneration and renewal in its rural communities.

Well worth a visit durning your stay at The Old Brtwery Guest House in Richmond

Catterick Races


Catterick Racecourse is one of the true homes of the Northern racing scene - a venue steeped in tradition and a favourite among many of the region's owners, trainers and racing public.

Racing at Catterick Bridge began as early as the mid-17th Century, and the first recorded meeting took place on April 22nd 1783, but it was not until 1813 that a permanent course was created.

Today, Catterick is a charming blend of old and new. The framework of the old 1906 stand is still evident in the present Grandstand, but many alterations and improvements have taken place while maintaining the informal atmosphere.

As well as being one of the busiest racecourses in North Yorkshire, with racing all year round, Catterick prides itself on being the friendliest and provides a fun relaxed day out for everyone whatever the occasion.

It is also a short distance from The Old Brewery Guest House in Richmond, Yorkshire

Tour de Yorkshire Cycle Race 2018


The eight towns that will host the start and finish of the four stages of the 2018 Tour de Yorkshire were revealed by the British stage race’s organisers on Thursday.

Barnsley, Beverley, Doncaster, Halifax, Ilkley, Leeds, Richmond and Scarborough will all host the start or finish of stages in the newly-extended editions of the Tour de Yorkshire and Women’s Tour de Yorkshire next season.

Organisers Welcome to Yorkshire and the Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) confirmed on September 21 that the Tour de Yorkshire would expand from three days to four and the Women’s Tour de Yorkshire from one day to two for 2018.

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Why not stay at the Old Brewery in Richmond and enjoy the whole event.